Repeat them to your children

Sometimes I tell Siri she’s the because sometimes she is. Sometimes our 2 year old tells ME that I am the

Growing up, when acting wild or really goofy, we kids would get called little “sheisters”. It wasn’t mean at all. It was a replacement for when other families say “silly” or “stinker”. Turns out “sheister” is derived from a legit swear word in German. My mom definitely didn’t know that (she’s not at all German) when she would call us to finally get ready for dinner, smiling, “Now come get to the table, ya little sheisters!”

I say it too. And I mean it lovingly, out of jest, just like my mom did.  Kerry informed me when the boys were about 9 months old (at the beginner stages of being little sheisters) what it translated to and at first did not believe it but nowadays with the WWW you can prove anything so I was forced to reconcile the fact that not only had my mom called me cussed words many times, I had also called MY kids the same. Oops!

Alas, the habit has stuck and occasionally, when I’m running up to grab a kid and tickle them to near-death, I say, “I’m gonna get you, ya little sheister!” I am met with disapproving eyes from the hubs.

And, of course, THIS is the type of thing that sticks with our 4 year old. She has been calling wiggly babies “sheisters” for years.

Some kids, after hearing their parents do so, will call people the while others will swear at babies in German. If you know my girls I wouldn’t have even had to tell you which one does which.

Check out this conversation between our 7 year old twin boys. This is them discussing their golden birthday, “coming up” when they turn 30. (30!)

Oakley: “I want to go to China and explore new cities I haven’t seen. I want to start a new church and stay there for 2 months to get it going. Emerson, what do you want to do?”

Emerson: “Well, spend it with you, of course. We ARE twins! But after we start a church in China I want to go to Russia and spend a couple months there starting a church. Then come home together.”

Oakley: “Yup that sounds good. There are lots of cities in Russia and China that I haven’t seen before.”

[heart. melted.]

How sweet and innocent and ignorant of them to think it only takes 2 months to get a church going. Made me a feel a *little* guilty for going on a Caribbean cruise for MY 30th when my young men would rather go to unknown to them places and do Kingdom-building work for theirs.

Listen, Israel: the Lord your God is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength. These words that I am giving to you today are to be in your heart. Repeat them to your children. Talk about them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deuteronomy 6:4-7

At our house, we talk about Jesus like he’s still alive. Because he is. At our house, we talk about Jesus like he’s really there. Because he is. At our house, we talk about  Jesus like he’s in charge of our lives. Because he is.

There are a GREAT many things I’ve done wrong as a mother, but I can say that starting to talk to the kids from birth about Jesus is not one of them.

We say things like, “God made you and God made the lightning. God has only your best in mind. If he loves you, do you think you need to be afraid of the lightning?”

We say things like, “I love that God made your butt so cute!”

We say things like, “God designed the family and the way family works is that you obey Mommy and Daddy. Do you want to be blessed by God for doing what he says?”

The vast majority of our friends have very similar conversations in their homes.

It might feel a little awkward in the beginning but you’ll get more comfortable with it in no time. And soon, it’ll be a normal part of your kids’ conversation as well. Some might pick up on it sooner than others, and some might choose to repeat the less godly things you say as well (please tell me I’m not alone here) but the truth will soak in over time. And it’s glorious.

Last week Elliette, who is 2, said, “Does Carrie Beth know Jesus?” And Carrie Beth, my cousin, upon hearing that she asked that said, “That’s really adorable! And it tells me that you talk a lot about Jesus and his priorities at home.” And to that I had to say, “We do!”

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