thai curry recipe

Warning: I’m not a food blogger!  I feel like such a poser right now. 😄

I’ll start off by saying that my curry recipe is a few things:

1. Originally mine.
2. Adaptable.
3.  Being published here by request of several friends.
4. Usually made on a dirty stove so please don’t judge the photos. 😂😂😂

I make curry about once every two weeks and all 4 of our kids love it. I use it to clean out our fridge of all the veggies before they go bad.

For me, curry is all about the timing. It’s definitely not a walk away for 10 minutes kind of thing. It’s involved, so I will give you step by step– lest you make the mistake I did at first (which was burn the milk right out of the coconut milk.) 😳

I don’t measure while cooking hardly at all, and most certainly not with a dish I make so often. So, for my friends who thrive best with specific instructions, you may find my recipe slightly irritating. 😵

(I’m doing such a great job selling my recipe, am I right???😄)

Ok, so here’s the basic preview.

My curry has chicken in it, but you can make it vegetarian if you like. Also I  ALWAYS use sweet potatoes in my curry- I highly recommend it. Other than that, you can add or subtract from this list according to your tastes, or according to whatever you have on hand:

Sweet potatoes
Bell peppers
Green beans

I would never even think about using canned or frozen veggies to pull this off. I’m sure someone, somewhere does it, which is totally cool, but my recipe is all fresh, every time.

Here’s how I do it:

Cut all the vegetables into bite size pieces.  Curry is eaten with a large spoon and you should be able to fit about 2-3 pieces of food on it in my opinion


You can see here that I didn’t have peas, but seriously how gorgeous is this spread? Taste the rainbow!

In a large fry pan, melt coconut oil and add your potatoes. Cook on medium heat for 7 minutes or until soft.  Stir occasionally, using this time to cut your chicken. I do larger strips than bite size because it cooks down so much.

Add your broccoli to the potatoes after about 7 minutes, then your bell peppers 3 minutes after that.


In a separate pan, sauté some garlic and onion in a small amount of coconut oil and then fry up your chicken.


Douse it in curry powder. Just go crazy. When you think you’ve added enough, add more! 


Apart from the veggies, pictured here are your essentials. Coconut oil, curry powder, green curry paste, and coconut milk. All of these items were purchased at a normal, American grocery store. I don’t make a trip to the Asian market that often, but when I do I buy all but the coconut oil there. They know what’s up!

While the chicken and veggies are cooking, start your Minute brown rice (oops! not pictured! told you I’m not a food blogger!!!).

Add the peas and mushrooms.  Cook for 2 minutes.

Add the green beans to your stir fry mixture last. They are best a little crispy in my opinion but if you like them soft throw them in with the bell peppers.

When the chicken is fully cooked, add it to the large pan of veggies.


Pour two cans of regular coconut milk in. REDUCE HEAT TO LOW. Make sure it’s not the low fat or low something or other kind. No no no! That stuff is terrible. Just the original.

It’ll come out looking like this:


Half milky, half watery. Appetizing, right???

Add green curry paste, approximately 2 tablespoons.

Stir well. Add more curry powder. Cover. Simmer on low just until the concoction is warm. Over-cooking will happen easily if it cooks too long or on medium-high heat, and then the coconut milk will lose its milky texture and become flavorless, leaving you without a real curry.

End result of my normal pot of curry looks this:


Thick, milky, and less colorful than the previous steps.

Serve over brown rice immediately. My husband and I add crushed red pepper, Cayenne pepper, and siracha in the bowl to taste.

It’s the easiest recipe to make just the way you want it. I hope this wasn’t too overwhelming! You’ll get the hang of it after making it the first time. I don’t even think about the steps anymore!

And nowwww for the abbreviated version.

Kayla’s Thai Curry Recipe

Time: 45 minutes.
Serves: 6 (👈 hubs says it’s even better the next day. make a bunch and bring it to work!)

1 Sweet potato
Bell peppers
Green beans
4 tbsp or more of coconut oil, divided
2-3 tbsp curry powder
2 15 oz cans original coconut milk
2 tbsp green curry paste
6 servings Minute brown rice
Crushed red pepper, optional
Cayenne pepper, optional
Siracha, optional

In large pan, heat coconut oil. Add potatoes. Cook for 7 minutes. Add each vegetable in succession, cooking until desired tenderness is reached.

Cook Minute brown rice according to package directions.

Meanwhile, in a separate pan, sauté garlic and onion in coconut oil. Add chicken and 2 tbsp curry powder. Cook chicken until juices run clear.

Add chicken to veggie pan.

Reduce heat to low.

Add coconut milk and curry paste. Stir well. Add remaining curry powder.

Cover and simmer for 3-5 minutes, just until warm.

Serve immediately over rice.

Add spices to taste.


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